What is included in my packages?

Each package will include a variety of beans from local roasters, packaged individually. Depending on what package size you order, this will include 10 or 14 unique coffees. 

You’ll also receive instructions on how to submit your ratings for the beans as you enjoy them. We’ll use that data to personalize your future packages. 

You can download our app to view your past ratings.

Do you do specialty packs like decaf or espresso?

Unfortunately not at this time, but shoot us a message on the Contact Us page to let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll see if we can accommodate your package accordingly. 

Which roasters do you include in Toronto Coffee Club?

Expect the unexpected; we are always adding new roasters… but if you need to know some names: Pirates of Coffee, De Mello Coffee Roasters, Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters, and many more! We do our best to feature both well-known and under-the-radar roasters from across the city.

How fresh is my coffee going to be?

All the coffee in your packages is roasted within five days of receipt. That timeline is ideal because freshly roasted coffee should rest a couple of days before being brewed. Additionally, your coffee shouldn’t sit for over a month; otherwise, it can go stale. 

TL;DR Your beans will always be delivered fresh and in their sweet spot for brewing.

How much does this cost? Are there any additional fees?

When you first sign-up, you’ll be charged for the cost of your first package immediately—see our packages page for options and details. Delivery is $5 per package.

Beyond your packages’ price (including tax and delivery), there are no additional fees for joining Toronto Coffee Club. 

For subsequent orders, we’ll always send you an email before we ship your next package to confirm you want to continue your subscription. We’ll wait until 10 AM the Saturday before the shipment to hear back from you, and provided you’d like to go forward, we’ll charge your payment method on file and get started on your order. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll assume no news is good news and continue with your order.

When will my package arrive?

You can expect your first package to arrive on Saturday afternoons between 2-8pm through our delivery partner Envoi. If you need special delivery considerations, just send us an email.

Where do you deliver?

Our delivery is currently limited to the GTA. Our boundaries are Hamilton on the west, Aurora on the north, and Oshawa on the east. If you’re unsure or out of our delivery zone, just send us a note, and we can figure something out.

Why is buying locally roasted coffee so important?

There are a few reasons that buying local coffee is the right choice:

  1. Freshness - Roasted coffee is best brewed within a couple of weeks of roasting. By ordering from local roasters, you eliminate any delays from shipping times to get the freshest product possible. 
  2. Variety - Local roasters tend to have relationships with a range of coffee farms, and tend to get creative with roasting. This gives local coffee a rich mosaic of flavours and variety. Toronto’s local roasters have far more to offer than your grocery store’s coffee aisle.
  3. Sustainability - Local roasters usually have direct contact with coffee farmers, helping them develop relationships with the farmers and provide sustainable support. You’ll find that most local roasters pay farms a heck of a lot more than their multinational conglomerate counterparts.
  4. Supports Local Businesses - Buying from locally-owned businesses helps strengthen your community’s economy, and supports the entrepreneurs that make our neighbourhoods in Toronto so special.  You’ll get to feel good about how you spent your coffee budget every time you enjoy a warm cup of joe at home.
What do I do when I get a coffee I love/hate?

Make sure you submit your ratings! We try to avoid giving people repeats, but if you really hated a bean, we’ll make sure you never get it again.

How do I pause my subscription if I have too much coffee or will be away?

Send us an email, and we’ll figure out what is best for you. We can either reduce the number of packages in your shipment at a discount or pause your package delivery until the next shipping date so you can catch up.

What happens if I want to cancel?

There is zero obligation to continue. As long as you let us know 7 days before your next delivery, you can cancel at any time. Just shoot us an email or use the chatbot to let us know.

I know a great roaster that you should add to the boxes. How do I let you know?

The easiest way to let us know is to go through our contact form and let us know their name, and a link to them so we can get in touch (e.g. an Instagram handle, a website, their email, etc.)

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