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How did we get here?

The Toronto Coffee Club Story

To keep busy during the lockdown, we made an activity out of our morning coffee by buying different beans each week and ranking them against each other. 

When we started, we sort of knew what we liked when it came to roasts and origins, but this weekly ritual helped us refine our taste in coffee. It’s opened our eyes to so many new flavours and nuances, and we now know what to buy and avoid.

We also loved the idea of buying our coffee from local cafes or roasters in an effort to support the city’s small businesses.

We couldn’t help but wonder if there were other Torontonians who wanted to do the same, so here we are!

If this mission is resonating with you, we’d love to have you join the club. We’re looking forward to welcoming new members over the coming months to create your coffee profile as we support the local roasters who keep the city caffeinated.

A chalkboard with ratings of local Toronto coffee roasts and beans
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